All you here from people is how dangerous motorcycles are.These are the people that have never been on a motorcycle so they just don’t get it.Plus most of them make it dangerous for us.How many times have you been out for a ride and cut off by someone talking or texting on their cell phone or even just talking to the person in the car with them not paying attention.So why ride well you don’t have to deal with your cellphone to start.Every ride is unique instead of being locked up in a vehicle you are outside wind, rain, sun and  some in the snow.When is the last time you drove by something in a car and you could smell the food from every  different restaurant you passed.Another thing is did you ever notice when two motorcycles pass each other they give each other a wave.Does not matter what type of  bike it’s just because we will help each other out and we are just all out for a ride.It is not the time to think about your problems because there are none.The only problem is the best piece of road to ride on.On a good ride you can just really get lost.Went out to Harley parts swap meet a while ago and kept falling behind I was to busy just checking out the scenery and relaxing.When is the last time you could say you did that in your car with people talking, the stereo turned up and the cell phone ringing.Being out on a motorcycle affects all your senses.Everything you see is a little bigger because your not looking thru a window.You feel the wind.To really know how to ride you have to let go.Wherever you are going you will get there soon enough.You just enjoy the ride it does not matter where you are going it’s  about how you get there.Started this out why do you ride it’s really hard to explain unless you have been out on  a motorcycle but I hope this gives anyone who hasn’t ridden an idea of what it is like.I was hooked from my first ride as a kid about 6 when my 12 year old neighbor took me for a ride on a mini bike.The next time you see a motorcycle pay attention and make it safer for us.After all we are just out for a ride.