First off if you are going to build a custom bike with used parts,the most important part are the numbers on the frame and cases.You will need these to register your bike when you are finished.These number will need to match on the frame and case.Also before you buy used cases or a frame make sure the person you are buying it from has the proper paperwork.The reason for this is they could be stolen and if thats the case when you go to register your bike it will be impounded and you will be out a bike and the money you put in.

If you buy a frame or cases from an aftermarket company they will include a MSO(Manufactures Statement of Origin).You will need this paperwork to register your bike.Make sure the MSO includes the serial number from the cases and frame. Now if you buy a Donner frame you will need a title and bill of sale.If you buy cases you will also need this.For any new frames or cases you will need the MSO.You can mix and match used cases and a new frame or a used frame and new cases.When you go to register it they will list it as a rebuilt motor vehicle.Check with your local state to see what there guidelines are checking first will save money in the end.Also you need to know what must be on the bike turn signals,brake lights, headlights, horn these are some of the basics but you never know what the law says until you check.




FRAMES:There are a lot of choices for you decide from hardtail, softail, swingarm, sportster or just an aftermarket.Make sure the frame you buy will fit the engine and tranny you intend to use.Have a friend of mine who started out building a SHOVELHEAD had trouble getting parts and opted to build  an EVO.Now he has to get a new frame EVO’s don’t  fit in SHOVEL frames they are to tall and require raising the backbone.Since you have a frame with nothing on it.It is time to decide if you want it raked or  stretched.Whatever you do with you frame make sure it will be comfortable for you.I recommend that if you have this done take it to someone with experience at doing these procedures.Also you will definitely need someone who is an experienced welder.It is no fun having your frame separate from the neck going down the road.


FORKS:There are several basic types wideglide, narrowglide, springer, girder to name a few.Choose the style you like but make sure you have the proper brakes and fender mounts on the ones you choose.Make sure the forks you buy fit the neck on your bike,there a few different sizes.Measure yours before you buy any forks.






Okay you have a lot of choices here the original Harley Davidson engines or aftermarket like S&S,Delkron,STD and REVTECH to name a few.Other choices SPORTSTER (engine transmission 1 case) or V-TWIN (engine trasnsmission are separate).Now to go a step further quite a few customs are built with foreign engines Honda,Yamaha,Kawsaki these designs are similar to SPORTSTERS engine transmission combined.Whichever you choose make sure it will fit your frame.