Don’t ride in shorts and sandals pavement hurts!!Recommend boots,jeans,shirt as minimum. Also eye protection glasses goggles something bugs and rocks will take out an eye.  Alright avoiding the big one helmets there a lot of styles make sure the one you by fits correctly. An incorrect fitting helmet does more damage than good. IMPORTANT CHECK LOCAL LAWS FOR HELMET USE. Even if you don’t have to wear one its not a bad idea. Dress for the weather jackets, vest ,chaps and rain gear.Gloves are a good idea if you go down the first thing you will use are your hands. BE SAFE. All of these thing s can be purchased at Harley Davidson or your favorite motorcycle shop if you are online check out leatherup.


GLOVES:Protect your hands in case of a crash.The first thing you will use will be your hands its instinct.Also when its cold out going down the road is about 10 degrees cooler but at least your hands will be warm.                                                                                         

HELMETS:There are many styles full,three quarter,outlaw,or non D.O.T. compliant(these are just for looks and will not protect you).Head and neck injuries are reduced by properly wearing a helmet.Make sure the helmet fits snugly and has no obvious defects cracks ,loose padding or frayed strap. Also if scraped or you have been in accident it’s recommended that you buy a new.The shell may have been weakened by the impact.


JACKETS:Will keep you warm in cold weather but also help to prevent road rash in case you crash.Leather is preferable for its strength.But there are many different types of jacket designed for motorcycle use some have additional plates and pads to protect you.Anything extra on your body will take the abuse before you.Rain stings at 80 mph a jacket will help.                                                                                                                                


EYE PROTECTION:If you use a full face helmet use the shield.If you don’t use a full helmet buy some riding glasses.These are designed to stop rocks and bugs without chipping or breaking.Cheap sunglasses may work but you never know.Also if you use sunglasses make sure you also have a pair of clears in case you end up out late.The last option is goggles there are many styles to choose from.Remember be smart use any of these to protect your eyes if you can’t see you can’t ride.