Before you take out your Harley (or motorcycle of choice)A few basic things to check are 1 engine oil make sure it is filled to the proper level .These are air cooled motors no oil they will lock up.2 suspension make sure your forks and swing arm are not binding up and there are no oil leaks on your forks.3 check your lights brakes, headlight, turn signals and parking.It is better for cars to see what you are doing on your motorcycle than not.4 brake fluid levels if the fluid level is high enough on a Harley the sight will be dark it lightens asĀ fluid level drops. Then you must unscrew the top and fill.Always fill with correct fluid the cover is usually marked dot 4, dot5do not mix fluids.5 tires check your tires correct air pressure any nails ,thin tread, nicks. Replace worn tires when you find them not later.No matter what motorcycle you ride harley, ducati, honda,yamaha,etc. These basic checks could save your life.