Picked up our 1973 IRONHEAD sportster project.The good news is all the paperwork matches. No legal issues.Bad news talk about a basket case. Previous owner took apart everything  including the starter not just removed disassembled. We spent a day going thru boxes and jars. It looks like everything is here except the seat, ignition coil and ignition switch. So no major problems! The frame is missing some tabs and has a couple extra. We are going to have to split the case and inspect the bearings and clean it out.Looks like it was stored outside! Also that way we can check out the transmission.Rear fender looks like someone got bored and started drilling holes for fun.Best news the king peanut tank is in excellent shape.Also has dual disc setup on front.Thats it for now.


Update on  Bobber build.Have been working on mock up.To figure out what it needs.Looks like it is going to be all new pegs and grips. Only 1 grip in box not a big deal.Primary cover is dented and looks like it was banged off with a roofing hammer.Not a great pic but you get the idea.This is scrap aluminum.


Disassembled rear cylinder head intake valve guide is shot looks like someone tried to knurl it but it is still out of spec.Exhaust guide is good. But it is going to be a full valve job for both heads.Still have to check the juggs and pistons.Now know we will have to split the case to check bearings and clean out.Cleaned up camshafts the were gunked up from sitting exposed in the cam cover.Cleaned them up look good now no cracks.Below are the before and after pics. The pics left and center are before,the pic on the right shows one that were cleaned up.




Mentioned the rear fender so here are a couple of pics.It has been said that it is hopeless but I have a couple ideas.Started working on it no pics till it is done.

 update 11/15/12 Lets see been doing some engine work on this one split the cases since i did not know how long they been sitting with the juggs off. Check out what I found.The disassembled pics show dirt and rocks in case don’t have a pic but i also pulled out a piece of wood sitting in the  case. Better to open it now than just fire it up and see what plugs the oil lines. The smaller pick is after everything was cleaned up,measured and reassembled. All the clearance’s looked good. from what i can tell the engine was rebuilt with new bearings and .20 over pistons.