Haven’t had much time for the site lately. Been working and picked up another project. Stopped by the my local parts store to get parts for the Bobber build and I was offered another one.What I was told is that they had a 1975 Ironhead sportster and parts.They were on consignment from someone who was having trouble finding someone to put the bike together for him. He had been to several shops in town but everyone kept telling him

to buy more and more parts. Fed up with whole thing he decided to sell everything and be done with it. So we talked a couple time and made a deal.What did I end up with a rebuilt 1975 Sportster engine,a 1977 sportster


engine in pieces and another engine case I think is an 883 case but I still need to check. Also have a hard tailed powder coated frame and a painted

tank and rear fender. I now have multiple extra parts some of which will be sold on ebay. The Bobber build is on hold for now as i picked up a complete bike plus parts, have to finish this one first.Well with some work have it looking like this . will be hopefully finishing up the wiring this weekend and take a shot at starting it, then it’s time for new brakes and tires and off to ebay.

I am also posting some progress on the bobber build just go to customs and modification and click bobber build.