Have completed PANHEAD and EVO information on site.Next step will be to get some newer model information up Sorry TWINCAM is still under construction.But the basics are there for tune ups.You can find this information under the tech tab on the menu.I have just started Sportsters introduction on the main page.Have a friend who is going to get me some information for the tech will post as soon as I get it.

Recommendations for anyone with a newer model HARLEY DAVIDSON (fuel injected) buy a power commander or similar unit. These units allow you to modify your bike ( air cleaners Exhaust systems).The POWER COMMANDER allows you to download maps for your bike.So what does that mean? If you take off those quiet stock pipes for something that gets peoples attention or upgrade your air cleaner so your engine breathes better. Now all you have to do is download the free maps from Power Commanders site and send it to your bike. Some minor adjustments maybe necessary but it gets you about 99 % there. It also allows for fuel trim adjustment, fuel pump adjustment, ignition timing and you can also dyno your bike with it.



Why did William S. Harley and Arthur Davidson dream about designing a motorcycle? So they could have fun on there way to their favorite fishing spot. Arthur Davidson and William Harley  enlisted Walter Davidson to put the first HARLEY DAVIDSON motorcycle together. As he was a mechanic and more familiar with operation of vehicles. William and Arthur had designed and built the parts. At the start they were critized for having such a foolish hobby. In the early 1900’s you were expected to  work at your job and not have hobbies.The first Harley Davidson was built in the basment of there parents house. After mom was sick of the mess in the house the famous HARLEY DAVIDSON shed was built. If the history of  HARLEY DAVIDSON interests you checkout GROWING UP HARLEY DAVIDSON by JEAN DAVIDSON she is the granddaughter of Walter Davidson and what I put on here is only a little of the information in this book.