One of my brothers bought this Sportster a couple of weeks ago. He is hoping that with plenty  of water it will grow into a big-twin. Just kidding he has a done a lot of work on it so far.The front forks have been replaced.The king queen seat is now gone exchanged with a solo seat .

The fuel system was shot old gas. The fuel tank has been replaced and the carburetor rebuilt. Note on the gas tank it was not replaced due to the old fuel but this model tank was recalled by Harley Davidson, from around 1975 to 1980 the welds on the tanks were weak and would separate from heat. Which would cause the tank to leak fuel on the engine and catch fire. Harley replaced these tanks as soon the defect was discovered free of charge.
Since this was an old IRONHEAD that had not run in a few years. The covers were pulled to install new seals and inspect the clutch. The compression on the engine is good.  Brakes checked out for now.The forks were replaced with a set that had the front fender mounts shaved off and were polished and a new headlight installed different. The bar were reused but a set of three inch were installed. Another friend is setting him up with an electronic ignition which is waiting to be installed. His last step on this bike is having the rockers and covers polished. After it is started the pipes will be trimmed for maximum performance. Okay so what does it look like now.See the pics below. Also this is a precursor to the ground up rebuild of another IRONHEAD SPORTSTER that we have picked up and are going to build into a hardtail BOBBER.  Once the second one is finished it will be sold on EBAY. There will pics and information on every thing done to this bike. I will add a page under CUSTOMS AND MODIFICATION  on the site. It will be titled Bobber BUILD. Hope to start posting in a couple of days.