Haven’t had a lot of time lately. Well have added some IRONHEAD SPORTSTER info under tech.Also I am rebuilding the the TWINCAM section to give more info.Still working on the BOBBER project slow progress but it has to be perfect. Finishing mock up and ready to split the cases to see what shape the bearings are in.

Okay safety too many motorcycles are being hit.When approaching an intersection try to go thru with traffic or at least a car.People will not see you when you are alone.Then they will make that left turn in front of or into you.Do not assume that they will see you another trick I learned along time ago is to float around in your lane side to side. The motion helps to attract attention plus they may think your drunk or crazy but at least it will help you be noticed. Lately more and more people are buying motorcycles and try to ride like they drive.On a bike when in traffic ride to protect your lane.Okay what does that mean? Know where the biggest threat can come from.If you are in the curb side lane do not ride next to the curb. Ride to the center or next to the dotted line.This makes you more visible to traffic if you are on the curb side someone could come up and try to share your lane pushing you into the curb or forcing you to jam your brakes. Do not come up to an intersection assuming they see you.They are going to turn from side streets in front of you and make those left turns in front of you.Remember your not in a car just 1 hit is going to hurt! I was riding home from work the other day pulled up to a light and stopped.I was next to a turn lane I had about five cars in front of me.Another bike pulls into the turn lane and passes me then back into the lane I was in in front of the cars as the light turned green. If he had been hit whose fault would that have been! Okay riding in traffic do not sit next to the rear quarter panels of any vehicle.The reason is simple people rarely check there mirrors and you are in a blind spot.If you get in this spot speed up a little and get at least just past there windshield this puts you in a better position to be seen. When you are making a left turn at an intersection DO NOT pullout in the middle of it to wait. Stay at the crosswalk the reason being is that cars which collide at intersections tend to spin,slide or roll in all directions so it is better for you to stay back and watch not be involved.Plus whose bike does not have  enough power to pull thru an intersection.Well the point of all this is to be safe people in cars are just not going to start looking for us we are better off looking out for them.Besides crashing sucks I know!